Transformational Breathing

Transformational Breath is an empowering form of connected abdominal breathing through the mouth, which creates an energetic circuit to transform and super oxygenate the body, mind and spirit.

Most people breathe well under their full potential. Breath (oxygen) is our primary source of life. We cannot live if we do not receive oxygen after only 5 minutes. Yet we can live for several hours, days or even weeks (depending on your age & conditions) without food and water.

Imagine how much more life we can enjoy if we breathe to our full potential!

Dr Judith Kravitz DM, founded and co-created Transformational Breath and the Transformational Breath Foundation over 30 years ago, after experiencing a personal healing of throat cancer through the breath.

Transformational Breath has been endorsed by well known integrative medicine experts such as Deepak Chopra MD and Christine Northrup MD.
Dr Kravitz has certified thousands of Facilitators worldwide and certified Pip Stroud in 2008.

The benefits of this form of breath are:

  • Physical fitness, health, stimulation of circulation, resolves addiction, self healing and increased energy.
  • Integration and release of negative experiences, trauma, subconscious memories and thoughts stored in the body and a greater sense of well being, ‘lightness’, confidence and self esteem.
  • Spiritual connection and elevation in light which increases your clarity, balance and personal power. Fuller expression of Love and joy.

The breath has a high vibrational energy, which through the scientific electromagnetic principle of entrainment, raises the lower vibrational energies that it comes into contact with. Once the cells of the body vibrate at a higher frequency, negative or lower vibrational energies transform into positive higher frequencies. Examples of lower vibrational energies are cancer, fear, trauma, illness and pain.

When we experience fear, pain, shock, sadness/grief, disappointment, trauma etc we tend to hold our breath. This is like taking a snap shot of the experience you are having and storing it in your body. Subconsciously and/or consciously, we want to avoid feeling or being aware of that experience., so we stop breathing into that area. When this happens we deprive that area of essential oxygen and this also reinforces the lower vibrational patterns of that experience. This is often a defense mechanism made in times of youth or trauma, which now no longer serves us.

This creates illness and inhibits our bodies from operating optimally, keeping us heavy, disconnected, in pain, out of balance, ungrounded and unable to be fully functioning human beings. This separates us from being fully connected with ourselves and the world around us. Limiting our own good.

Once you start breathing into these areas, your body releases and transforms these lower vibrational patterns into permanent higher ones. You become empowered and can continue to be, through this self-healing practice.

People discover things they were reliving over and over again, no longer cause them unhappiness. They have moved through and beyond those experiences permanently. This can all happen subconsciously or consciously, through Transformational Breathing.


‘One Transformational Breath session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.’
Dr Henry Smith Rohrer

‘I felt invigorated by my session of Transformational Breath. I felt a physical and emotional release and was amazed at how energized my body felt.
It opens your eyes to how important breath is to our overall wellbeing.’
Melanie Smith – Banking Specialist/Photographer

‘My session was incredible! Pip was great, I felt so comfortable and supported by her. I feel more energy and was able to let go. I would definitely work with her again!’
Kristine Chadsey – MSW Adoptions Social Worker

‘Wonderful session. I was able to let go parts of myself that no longer serve me. I was able to feel my heart open. Pip was very helpful, loving, supportive and attentive. I look forward to doing this again.’
Sue Ann Colvin – Teacher

‘I use Transformational Breathing to manage stress.’
Goldie Hawn – Actress

For more information about Transformational Breath you can get a copy of Dr Judith Kravitz book ‘Breathe deep, laugh loudly’ here.


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