Positive Discipline Introductory Presentation

An experiential multimedia presentation, where you will discover the power and purpose of Positive Discipline, and experience a select few fun activities in this 1 – 1 & 1/2 hour presentation.

The presentation can be tailored to specific age groups or challenges, such as toddlers or teens and sibling rivalry or getting chores and homework done etc.

You get take away helpful handouts, based on the activities you experienced, to practice with your family or classroom.

Schedule a presentation with your parenting group, school, organisation or community centre and share the opportunity to parent and teach in an encouraging, respectful and powerful way, whilst maintaining a loving/caring connection. Your children will discover how capable they are and feel a real sense of belonging and significance in their world.

£350 for presentation including handouts.
Door fee can offset presentation fee, if required.
Special rates available.

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