Parenting the Positive Discipline way course


Parenting the Positive Discipline way is a 6 or 7 week experiential course, based on the original ‘Positive Discipline’ book by Jane Nelson Ed D, distinguished psychologist, educator and mother of seven.

The key to Positive Discipline is mutual respect, not punishment. Mutual respect is gained by being both kind AND firm, so that any child, from a 3 year old to a rebellious teenager, can learn creative cooperation, self-discipline and gain a sense of belonging and valued contribution, without loss of dignity.

You will learn, practice and receive support to:

  • bridge communication gaps
  • defuse power struggles
  • Encouragement verses praise
  • Ensure the message of Love gets through
  • Build on strengths not weaknesses
  • Enable accountability whilst maintaining self respect
  • Teach how to think not what to think
  • Win respectful co-operation at home, school and work
  • Meet the challenges of toddler, teen and stress behaviours.

£270 (6 weeks) – £310 (7 weeks) per participant includes full parenting manual with extra tools and activities to use with your family.

If your group wants to work on specific challenges (sibling rivalry, acting out, bullying, etc) for the extra week, this course can be tailored to accommodate that need.

Group pricing available.

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