About us

BEing Unlimited is a Learning consultancy providing public talks, workshops, courses and materials to encourage empowered contribution in creating a better world.

Pip Stroud is a Learning Consultant and Facilitator who after over 15 successful years in sales and marketing, turned to the world of education to facilitate individuals and teams towards personal and business success.

As a Manager and Senior Learning Consultant at Ericsson’s Global University – Services division, Pip and her team developed Learning paths, courses and evaluation systems to grow, spread and preserve desired knowledge bases and skills to a worldwide staff of 100,000 service employees, across all functional levels. The training was tailored to accommodate local and cultural needs, whilst maintaining the continuity of the message and consistency of quality, successfully delivering worldwide solutions.

Becoming a parent furthered Pip’s desire to help facilitate a healthy, whole person and this begins within families, then schools, workplaces & communities.

Pip founded BEing Unlimited, a Learning Consultancy, in 2008 and is a qualified parent and classroom Educator with the Positive Discipline Association, a skilled Facilitator of several courses and techniques for empowerment, such as Transformational Breath, the work of Louise Hay and Positive coaching.
Pip incorporated Positive Discipline into her course offerings in 2014, after experiencing the power and hope of using the material within her own family and witnessing it’s empowering effects with other families.

Pip is originally from New Zealand and has lived and worked in the U.K., Greece, Sweden, U.S.A. and provided training all over Europe, the U.K., Asia Pacific and the Americas.